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Custom Printed Martini Items

Nothing says understated elegance like a martini. Show your customers how much you value an image of class with promotional martini glasses and shakers. Martinis have long been a staple at cocktail parties, bars, and restaurants the world over and there's no better way to get your company's name out there than an imprint of your logo on our refined glasses and shakers. Perfect for introducing new products, as business gifts to clients and employees, and as a gift with purchase of another product.

Entertainment insiders know that in the industry it's important to present yourself as a force to be reckoned with. Promoting your company with customized martini glasses and imprinted shakers featuring your company's logo tells clients and others in the business that you are a step above the rest. Besides emphasizing sophistication and style, promotional martini glasses and shakers are a practical way to familiarize potential clientele with your company and will make it the first one they think of when in need of a product or service of only the finest quality.

Food Services
In an industry that sees millions of patrons every year is there a more perfect way to get the word out about your company than to imprint it on a martini glass or shaker? As everyone's favorite drink, the martini finds its way into many aspects of the food and beverage industry. A company could easily imprint its logo on a glass or shaker and distribute them as promotional items with an air of class. From a traditional martini to a Cosmopolitan, there are hundreds of drinks meant for a custom imprinted martini glass. Its versatility is remarkable.

Give your agency that additional flair that keeps your moniker in the minds of consumers and other companies with some stylish printed martini glasses and shakers featuring your company logo. Agencies are all about getting the word out on their stellar service and products, creativity being a key component. Martini glasses and shakers as promotional business gifts are evidence that a little extra thought went into the process and ingenuity like this will probably go into any other business they do with your company. Custom decorated glasses and shakers are a chic way to set you apart from the competition. James Bond was onto something.

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