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Custom Imprinted Maglites®

Looking for a way to highlight your company's name and services? An investment in custom imprinted Maglite Flashlights are perfect for illuminating your company's benefits to the marketplace.

Industry and Travel
Maglite flashlights are well recognized in automotive, construction, and public safety industries which make them a great way to spotlight your company's good name. They also are invaluable travel tools, ideal for reading maps or locating misplaced items at night. For the world traveler, a customized Maglite flashlight is a convenient, portable light source that can be taken anywhere. Personalized Maglite flashlights are equipped to shed light on every situation.

Promotional Gifts
The Maglite flashlight's aesthetically pleasing design renders it the perfect promotional product. Companies can customize Maglites with logos or slogans and distribute them as gifts with purchase. Additionally, a customized Maglite Flashlight is a unique but practical way for a company to say "thank you" to a top client or employee. If a company wishes to recognize a member of its staff, they could give him or her a Maglite bearing the inscription, "You light up our lives here at [Company's Name]."

Global Appeal
Well known for their design and quality, American-manufactured Maglites are currently sold throughout the world. Companies that give out imprinted Maglite flashlights as promotional gifts or require employees to carry Maglites as safety tools are investing in a global trend. Custom imprinted Maglite flashlights illuminate the benefits of a company to an international audience. A promotional Maglite flashlight will put your company's name in lights.

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