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Custom Imprinted Ice Cream Scoops

If your company wants the scoop on a fun promotional item for the summer months, then it should check out customized ice cream scoops. Custom imprinted ice cream scoops are not only a clean and efficient way of dispensing ice cream, but a creative way of advertising your company as well. For an upscale business gift, choose an imprinted ice cream scoop with a stainless steel or wooden handle. For a more playful approach, customize a plastic ice cream scoop which can be ordered in a variety of colors.

Restaurant, Events and Hospitality
Customized ice cream scoops serve both a practical and promotional purpose. If you're an ice cream vendor or the owner of an ice cream parlor, ice cream scoops featuring your business's name or newest flavor creation on the handle are a "cool" way to promote your cold and tasty products. Promotional ice cream scoops can also be customized to reflect your restaurant or store's color scheme. Customized ice cream scoops can serve as mementos of your next ice cream social. If you work with the food, restaurant, and hospitality industries, imprinted ice cream scoops customized with your company's logo and distributed as business gifts will provide a unique and appropriate means of networking with potential clients.

New Product or Service
Now matter what your industry, promotional ice cream scoops are the perfect way to let you clients know the "scoop" on your latest product or service. Customized ice cream scoops are ideal for publicizing your company's newest offering or special. A custom imprinted ice cream scoop in a great gift box will make your next direct mail or gift with purchase campaign truly memorable.

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