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The Future Is Now! Hi-Tech Products Advance Your Client's Performance

By Cherri Gann, PPAI

What does it mean to describe something-or someone-as "hi-tech?" We usually mean the latest version, model, style, design or process available. And, we've been using technology to advance our lives from the earliest days. Surely, the caveman would have described the wheel as such had he known about the term.

We know one thing for certain, it's more than a pervasive cultural notion; this real and ever-evolving phenomenon infiltrates every single part of our lives, most in ways of which we're not even aware. "Hi-tech" doesn't even always refer to actual performance or function. In our pop-culture vernacular, it can also refer to a concept, appearance or impression. It only stands to reason the promotional products industry would embrace these new and hot innovations.

Distributor Richard Wolak, vice president of Arelco Promotional Group, Inc., says his client, the Vancouver Convention And Exhibition Center, though not a traditional hi-tech company prefers to use futuristic products to give its prospective convention clients. "Examples include modem cord winders and different items with flashing lights," he says. "We're always looking for innovative items for them. The convention sales reps are selling space for events to take place two to four years from now, and it makes sense for them to giveaway promotional items that convey the concept of 'future,'" he says.

In the last decade-or even half-decade, technologic leaps seem to occur faster and faster, and they aren't going to slow down any time soon. Whatever the context, new developments happen quickly; almost before we fully embrace the wonders of one thing, something new and better comes along. And, each new innovation brings further opportunities for advancement.

Cherri Gann is an associate editor for PPB.

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