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Custom Imprinted Coolers

Keep your company cool and current with promotional trends by investing in custom printed coolers. Whether they're distributed at business conferences as cool souvenirs or given out at company picnics to keep valued employees' beverages and lunches cold, promotional coolers featuring your company logo freeze the name of your business in the mind of the recipient.

Promotional coolers come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. Promotional coolers can be ordered to fit anything from a six-pack to an entire meal for ten. Many custom printed coolers are insulated to keep their contents cool and provide watertight, leak-proof protection to prevent spillage. For a company looking to promote itself in a practical, versatile way, coolers are an appealing option.

Construction Industry
If you're in the business of building houses or office complexes, chances are your crew eats lunch onsite. Collapsible, polycanvas promotional coolers customized with your construction company's logo let lunch go anywhere and likewise, let you promote your business everywhere! Promotional coolers with heavy-duty shoulder straps or backpack style designs allow for easy, convenient transport. In an industry that's all about working with your hands, coolers are a hands-free way of keeping food and drink cold, refreshing, and with you at all times.

Food Industry
Caterers and food distributors alike will benefit from ordering customized coolers for their businesses. If you're transporting a delicious meal for a reception or gala, there's no better way to move your edibles than in customized coolers custom printed with your company name and logo. Large-sized, collapsible, nylon coolers or hard coolers on wheels are ideal for quickly and easily moving your delicious creations. What a great way to promote your good taste!

Healthcare industry personnel such as visiting nurses groups, pharmaceutical reps and home health workers can promote a healthy lifestyle with handy custom imprinted lunch-bag coolers. They are an easy way to tote a healthy snack and a unique way to deliver product samples and literature.

Leisure and Outdoors
If you play for or sponsor a company or community sports team, customized coolers show your team spirit and are a great way to spotlight sponsors names. Cool off your competitors by sporting customized coolers at the game. Give each player their own over-the-shoulder drink cooler, and make sure the team has a communal 1/3 jug water cooler with its team name across the front.

Why not order customized, hard coolers on wheels to cart around free beverages to employees and their families at the next company picnic or outing? Custom imprinted coolers are the coolest way for a company to promote itself in a sports or outdoor setting.

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