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Custom Imprinted Calculators

Custom printed calculators are sure to up a company's numbers in more ways than one. You'll find a calculator on almost every desk, cranking out numbers, checking figures, reviewing accounts and tallying up totals, so why not add your name and logo to these handy desktop and pocket- sized billboards.

Promotional calculators are put to work in large corporations, small businesses and home settings, so it makes sense to put them to work promoting your name. While ideal for internal office use, customized calculators also publicize a company's name to potential clients.

Whether you're an investment banker, accountant, mortgage broker or insurance agent, a custom imprinted calculator is the perfect way to advertise your services. There is no better way to thank clients than with a business gift they can count on as much as they count on you. When you present a promotional calculator as a business gift, you can be sure your name will be affiliated with rapid, rewarding service.

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