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The In's & Out's of Holiday Gift Giving

Holiday gift-giving is a longstanding and accepted business practice. But like anything else, you have to plan accordingly to be effective.

Here are some questions you should address…
  1. Who is the target audience, specifically?

  2. What is its makeup from a demographic point of view?

  3. Do you have a budget in mind per individual?

  4. Will the budget be based on tenure? Sales results? Goals achieved?

  5. Have you ever given holiday gifts before?

  6. Were they successful?

  7. What was the least successful?

  8. What is your company's policy on gift giving and receiving?

  9. Is there a ceiling or limit as to how much you can give per person?

  10. What is your timeframe for delivery?

  11. Have you ever, or would you consider, special packaging of the product and/or gift-wrapping?

The art of gift-giving isn't complex, but it can be tricky. Remember, the gift you select is a reflection of your company. Be creative and dare to go where others will not. You'll be amazed at the results.

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Source: Imprint Magazine

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