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An earth-friendlier manufacturer of custom-printed paper, plastic and polypropylene bags

We’re always on the lookout for new eco-friendly products to help our clients with their promotions. But an often overlooked aspect is the environmental practices of the manufacturing and printing facilities. Making a greener product is great, but the overall … Continue reading

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Four Colors, One Cup

Never before has a plastic cup been able to promote your corporate image with such detail and clarity. Hi-Definition graphics increase the initial impact of your promotion. Plus, you’ll get added exposure when your reusable plastic cups are taken home … Continue reading

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Your Guide to Resin Identification Codes (plastic recycling numbers)

On most plastic items – bags, bottles, etc. – you may have noticed what looks like a recycling symbol with a number in the middle. These symbols are Resin Identification Codes, and they are there to help identify the material … Continue reading

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